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Into the time tunnel,
find out a photo which leaving memorable page.
Unlimited memories,
just like go back to past hard times.

【Grandpa's Persistence and Philosophy】


In 1936, Mr. Tsai, Hai-Piao, the founder of the factory, unintentionally tasted kumquats in a friend’s house. Since then, he has kept the taste in mind. During his investigation trip to Japan, Mr. Tsai realized the Japanese think highly of their own local delicacies and produce. After returning home, Mr. Tsai worked as a 4-H Club instructor in Minxiong Farmers’ Alliance and he decided to commit himself to forge new local delicacies and try to improve the people’s livelihood in his hometown. At the time, he promoted how to plant kumquats and, consequently, he established Minxiong Kumquat Processing Plant.

【Dad's hard work and seriousness】

Mr. Tsai, Te-Yi had not only following up the founder’s spirits but also making kumquats a representative in the industry of Minxiong township. In 1980, he started Minxiong Kumquat retail department. Besides his success in business, he tried to give back and made contributions to his society.

【Kid's change and innovation】

When the company was going into its 40th year, Mr. Tsai, Hsi-An, the third generation owner, took over the factory. During his leadership, the company keeps researching and developing in order to improve the product quality. The reputation of the factory was soon established. In 2002, the owner combined the humanity and industrial aspects in order to transfer the processing plant into a tourism factory. In 2011, Minxiong Kumquat Tourism Factory passed governmental tourism factory evaluation and proudly present educating tours with entertainment to serve a broader base of customers.