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Come & Play

Understand the history of kumquat,
Tasting kumquat products,
Experience the fun of DIY

【Time Table

Social Practice Class - Guided tour to talk about history and visit factory (about 40mins)
1) Through time tunnel - Into the history of kumquat industrial culture
2) Traveling with kumquat
3) Brain teasers
Art class - Kumquat jam DIY (about 40mins)
Dining Time - Healthy health self-service kumquat flavor meal (about 1.5 hours)
1. Need pay by cash
2. Activity time can be adjusted, it's recommended to stay for 3-3.5 hours

【Self-service kumquat-style meal

*Kumqaut-flavored rice cake *Grilled fish with kumquat sauce
*Kumquat-flavored roast chicken with noodle *Kumquat sauce with steamed vegetables
*Kumquat-flavored sausage *Kumquat flavor buns
*Kumquat-flavored with pumpkin and pork *Kumqaut-flavored braised tofu
*Seasonal vegetables *Fried rice noodles *Kumquat leaf pork ribs soup
*Seasonal fruit *Kumquat juice with wild spikenard *Ice/hot kumquat tea

1. The dining venue is for dining use only, please contact the commissioner for other purposes
2. Meals are served in a self-service manner, the amount of meals is calculated by the number of people, not unlimited

Please make an appointment in advance

Please fill in the reservation form. After the reservation is completed, please inform in advance if there is any change in the itinerary, thank you for your cooperation.
To cancel reservation,please inform at least 5 working days. Otherwise it will be possible to charge fees.
Booking Hotline :886-5-272-0351
LINE ID:@yty8281t