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Kumquat have sweet and sour taste,
also unexpected nutrition.

【Amazing Benefits of Kumquat】


The small and lovely kumquat has a variety of amazing nutritional values ​​that can help control cholesterol and reduce the likelihood of diabetes-related illnesses. Kumquat is also an anti-inflammatory fruit, so it can increase the body's immune system.

【Kumquat Multi-Nutrition】


Kumquat is very rich of pulp, juicy and sweet and sour, and has a very good taste. It is also rich in nutrients and effects. It contains protein, carbohydrates, dietary fiber, minerals, vitamins and so on. It can promote digestion, increase appetite, and improve eyes and other effects.

【Hope more use Kumquat】


It is determined that kumquat contains rich vitamin C, which promotes the body's absorption of iron, lowers cholesterol in the blood, prevents cancer and cancer, promotes digestion, promotes detoxification, promotes the development of bones, hair, blood vessels, etc. In addition, it has been determined that kumquat also contains rich vitamin A, which is eye-catching, anti-oxidant, anti-aging, phlegm and asthma, moisturizes the skin, avoids dry skin, maintains blood vessels, etc.

【TCM talk about Kumquat】


Sha Zhengping, a standing supervisor of the New Taipei City Chinese Medicine Association and Chinese medicine practitioners, pointed out that in Taiwan, November to February is the high season of kumquat; pharmacologically, in addition to cough and phlegm, it can also strengthen the body's ability to resist cold and prevent colds ; For those who have chest tightness, no diet, or drunk thirst, there are also auxiliary effects such as anti-hangover and motion sickness.