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On one tree, can see flowers, small fruits, big fruits,
like three generations in the same family.

【Kumquat Introduction】

Located in the north-central part of Chiayi County, Minxiong has a gentle terrain. It is the most populous town in Chiayi County. The climate is a transition zone between the subtropical monsoon climate and the tropical monsoon climate. The average temperature is 22.8 degrees Celsius, and the average annual rainfall is 1,726.1 mm. Also because it is located between the tropical and subtropical regions, the summer time is particularly large, which is very suitable for kumquats and pineapples, Guava and tomato growth.



Kumquat is an evergreen shrub that blooms all year round and begins to ripen in end autumn and early winter. In Taiwan, the kumquat main production period is every year from September to March. The fruit is round, and the kumquat itself is relatively It is resistant to cold, drought and disease, and it is often used as an observation plant in addition to processing purposes.

【Grew up inch by inch】


Kumquats should be planted in places with sunshine. The potted soil just watered when it is dry. If organic fertilizer is used as fertilizer, it should be used once every 1-2 months, if it is a chemical material, it should be used once every six months to one year. Before using fertilizers, please read the instructions on the outside of the package, because each fertilizer has a different duration and method.

【Three generations】


The kumquat that blooms and bears fruit all year round, but also because it still blooms in the presence of bears fruit; on the planting, you can buy the kumquat planted by the farm and apply a little phosphate fertilizer to promote flowering and fruiting.